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My name is Sonia and I am a Child and Family Support Worker from Mission Australia. I work in a program called STAR4Kids which supports children’s emotional and behavioral needs.

I attended your centre conducting an observation session and speaking with your staff I wanted to pass on my appreciation for opening your doors and also for the time you gave me in discussing my client’s needs. I met with Tegan and she was extremely helpful and was able to provide me with such comprehensive information making me also aware that your staff are committed and caring and get to know each of the children that attend the centre.

I was extremely impressed with the facility itself, the cleanliness, the thought that had been put into the layout and the activities provided to the children that attend your centre. I was also blown away when I found out your centre has been reading ‘Have you filled your bucket today?’ as this is such a lovely message that supports a child’s mental and emotional health, which often gets overlooked.

I was also impressed with the allied health services that are provided through your centre to the children and their families such as speech and occupational therapy, you are providing such thorough support to your families.

Your hard work doesn’t often get acknowledged so I wanted to pass on my gratitude and also let you know that I think Scribblz Pre-School & Long day Care Centre is a fabulous centre which I would recommend to any family looking for somewhere for their children to attend.

Yours sincerely

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