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At Puzzlez we have embraced the Early Years Learning Framework as a valuable tool for learning and development. Our educators are respectful and responsive to the individual learning styles of our children and their developmental needs. We value play based learning, children’s rights to be active participants in their learning, family contribution and we recognise technology as a teaching aid.

We place a strong emphasis on ensuring exceptional standards of health and safety. Our centre is safe, clean and well maintained to ensure the highest level of safety to all who utilise our service. Healthy eating and physical activity are promoted daily and there is a strong emphasis on children’s wellbeing.

Our environments are designed to be fun, warm and inviting for our children and their families. Children are supported to respect their environment and our educators value their role in providing children with skills and knowledge to create a sustainable future.


We pride ourselves on a team of highly qualified educators who work together respectfully while supporting and learning from each other. We respect our staff by acknowledging the value in what they bring to the team and by providing ongoing support and professional development opportunities throughout their employment.

We have a shared vision in providing genuine, positive, caring, and respectful relationships to all children, allowing them to feel safe, secure, supported and valued in their learning environment. We strongly believe that early childhood should be a time when children are nurtured and supported as they explore their world through the process of belonging, being and becoming.

We support a strong connection between the centre and our local community and recognise families as the primary and most significant influences on young children. We promote and respect the diverse range of cultures, beliefs and values of our families and the community in which we live. Our team of educators strive to provide the highest level of care that exceeds families’ expectations by developing responsive, professional and collaborative partnerships.

Puzzlez is committed to continuous improvement of its services. We believe in effective leadership to enhance continuity of care and positive outcomes for our staff, families, children and our community.

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